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Retrospective Open4Tech Summer School 2019

Joi - 11 Iulie 2019

Am petrecut a patra vara printre elevi si studenti, la Open4Tech Summer School 2019. Impreuna am razbit caldura mare si am stat de vorba despre software aproape 3 saptamani. [...]

Curry On Functional Programming

Miercuri - 26 Iunie 2019

Can a language whose official motto is “Avoid Success at All Costs” teach us new tricks in modern programming languages? [...]

You’ll Neversea Algorithms Like These

Marti - 25 Iunie 2019

Is the performance still relevant in these days when the hardware is becoming more and more efficient and the computation costs goes down? [...]

Sneak Peek Into Next Level QA (Test Automation)

Luni - 24 Iunie 2019

What should you do, manual testing or automated testing? [...]

Coding Pro-Practices in C++

Duminica - 23 Iunie 2019

Computers and software are growing and expanding in all of society and life’s aspects, from entertainment, to transport, to health. Hardware has continually experienced massive growth, enabling us to carry almost unfathomable power in our pockets, everywhere we go. [...]

Java vs Python: Coding Deathmatch

Sambata - 22 Iunie 2019

Call it the last battle, the Champions League final or the Super Bowl, this course will bring face to face two of the most used programming languages nowadays. [...]

Windows App Development with .NET WPF

Vineri - 21 Iunie 2019

In this course, we will learn how to create and improve a desktop application using .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). [...]

HTML, CSS & JS in the Real World

Joi - 20 Iunie 2019

In this workshop, we will cover the basics to get you going on using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After that, you'll hopefully want to spend more time nitpicking and criticizing a site or web application when you see one. Because doing real work is hard. [...]

OOP Techniques in a Simple Game

Miercuri - 19 Iunie 2019

Get started with object oriented programming in a fun and entertaining way by creating a simple sprite based game using the Cocos2D framework. In the course we will use C++, the gaming industry standard. [...]

Open4Tech Summer School 2019

Marti - 18 Iunie 2019

Departamentul Informatica-UCV din cadrul Facultatii de Stiinte, Universitatea din Craiova si Societatea pentru Tehnologii Computationale impreuna cu companiile Caphyon, NetRom Software si PRO BST IT oganizeaza scoala de vara Open4Tech Summer School 2019 [...]